Community Programs


The Seacoast Jewish Center provides programs and activities for all ages to celebrate, learn and grow together.

We invite you to join our celebrations and events. Let us share the joy of our heritage together as one

The Seacoast Chabad Jewish Center is a new organization in town, but it brings with it some of the oldest and richest Jewish traditions. Our aim is to give meaning, share joy, and add spirituality to the every day. Our dream is to teach these values in a warm and nurturing environment where families can grow together, enjoying life and Judaism simultaneously. Together we can kindle the spirit of Jewish values in our homes.


The Jewish Center recognizes all Jews, regardless of their affiliation, perspectives on Judaism or levels of observances. A Jew is a Jew. Period. We have one G‑d. We have one Torah. And we are one People.


On our site you will find a plethora of services, activities and classes that we offer. In addition, you can find a calendar of events, with dates and time of scheduled programs