"When I pick my children up they do not want to leave. My heart flips every time they come into the car and tell me a new story about a holiday they learned about, or when they sing me a new song. It's extremely fulfilling when your children proudly share their knowledge about their religion and what it means to be Jewish. My children love their teacher, their mentors, and the place of worship. How much better can this be???"

- Rubin Family

It has been wonderful for my son to begin his formal Jewish education with Seacoast Chabad on Zoom. The one-on-one lessons have introduced him to Hebrew letters and Kosher laws, as well as given him a deeper understanding of Jewish holidays than he had before. Looking forward learning more next year!

- Kahn Family

"What you have created here is more than just a Sunday school. It is planting the seed in the hearts of these children, so they too know the essence and salt of being Jewish. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for having built this wonderful community where our children can thrive and enjoy being Jewish and be excited to come to Shul!"

- Ablett Family

"Thank you for your wonderful dedication and commitment in providing our son, Max, a priceless Jewish education. He has learned the values of being Jewish and the traditions as well. We periodically hear him singing the Hebrew alphabet out loud in our home with a big smile on his face!"

- L. B

As a reform Jew that grew up on Long Island, primarily attending temple solely to celebrate the Jewish Holidays, special events, and Bat Mitzvahs and weddings, I promised myself that my children would know more. So, why would someone like me (a reform Jew in an interfaith marriage), send my child, Sarah, to an Orthodox Hebrew School?  Well, I was determined to ensure Sarah got the Jewish education I never received.  I wanted to ensure she learned the values and ethics of the Jewish community she might not otherwise learn; And ensure she felt confident understanding her Jewish heritage, Jewish Holidays, and the Torah and its teachings.  In college, I never visited the Hillel, because I feared my lack of Jewish knowledge would be revealed. Sarah will never know this fear! 

Through the Seacoast Hebrew School, Sarah has a solid foundation and understanding of the Jewish faith and basic Hebrew.  She makes us so proud.  I am confident that in the upcoming years, Sarah will continue to see Seacoast Chabad Jewish Center as a place she can continue to grow and learn about her faith and receive counseling should she ever need it.  Thank you to the Seacoast Chabad Jewish Center for welcoming our family into your organization. We are very thankful and grateful for your ongoing support and love.

- Tholath Family